NapaJen™ DDS

1. Cell-Specific Precision Targeting

Oligo-drugs are complexed with SPG (a beta glucan) and protected from degradative enzymes while delivered to immature dendritic cells (iDC) or to macrophages via Dectin-1, a natural receptor for glucans.

2. Precision Delivery

Low dose therapeutic effect to targeted disease governing dendritic cells and macrophages can be directed anywhere in the body to:

  • Reduce toxicity/ side effects
  • Augment efficacy


3. Context Driven Stimulatory or Suppressive Immuno-modulation

By loading different drug payloads onto its delivery platform, targeting upstream biology, NapaJen has made both "precision-targeted immune-tolerance" as well as "controlled immuno-stimulatory" treatment possible in preclinical models while avoiding normal / healthy immune cells.